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Trails now easier to traverse


Trail, users in Santa Clarita will now be easier to locate during emergencies—even in the city’s vast open space hiking areas—thanks to a new Emergency Locating System recently launched by the city of Santa Clarita.

As part of the system, a total of 658 markers have been posted every 1/8 mile on all City trails, including bike paths and hiking trails.

The trail markers provide a quick and easy way to convey a location during an emergency situation. Each marker displays a specific number which designates its location. These numbers correspond to a GIS map that first responders can use to locate the emergency. When a hiker or cyclist provides an emergency operator with the designated number, the operator will be able to pinpoint the location and know where to dispatch emergency personnel.

The city is constantly looking for ways to ensure the safety of its residents, and this new Emergency Locating System will cut down response times during emergency situations. After 18 months of planning and design, the system is now in place and ready to be used by residents and visitors who are out enjoying the City’s trails.

For more information on the Emergency Locating System, visit or email