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Children of man who died in jail to divide $3.5 million settlement

Robert A. Richardson (274213)
Robert A. Richardson

The money won’t bring back 28-year-old Robert A. Richardson Sr., but for a family in mourning, a $3.5 million dollar settlement paid out by Ohio’s Montgomery County Jail, brings a small amount of solace to the loved ones he left behind, reports Essence magazine.

“It’s a huge victory for the family in terms of what the civil justice system can offer them,” said attorney Nicholas DiCello, who represents Richardson’s family, which has been fighting for some sense of justice since his death in 2012. According to the Dayton Daily News, final negotiations in the case began in mid-December. Richardson was originally imprisoned for not appearing for a court hearing related to unpaid child support. His bail was set at $2,500, but according to court documents, he was unable to pay it.

While in custody, Richardson suffered a seizure and was placed in handcuffs with his face down. It took nearly 30 minutes before Montgomery County jail personnel realized the father of nine had died. The $3.5 million settlement is the second payout from Richardson’s death. The first was a $500,000 settlement from jail health-care provider NaphCare. The $4 million in total is expected to go for the rearing of his nine small children. “We’ve been to the Court of Appeals. We’ve been up to the Supreme Court of the United States and back. So it’s a great victory as far as justice can be obtained by way of a settlement of the claims,” DiCello told reporters. “And the family is happy in that regard.”