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Deputies wound Lancaster man


Sheriff’s deputies shot and wounded a man who threatened to kill a neighbor in Lancaster.

The deputy-involved-shooting happened Nov. 25 about 4 p.m. in the 44100 block of 48th Street West, Deputy Tracy Koerner said.

A woman was decorating the outside of her home when she heard a disturbance nearby and noticed a man standing a few houses from hers yelling, Koerner said. She returned to her open garage and began putting decorations away.

“A few moments later, she saw the suspect standing at the end of her driveway holding a knife,’’ he said. “The suspect began walking toward her, saying he was going to kill her.’’

The woman placed a ladder between herself and the suspect to try to keep him away from her, Koerner said. The suspect followed the woman as she ran around her vehicle and out the garage, where another neighbor was standing.

“The suspect then started walking toward the neighbor, saying he was going to kill them,’’ Koerner said.

A deputy responding to a 911 call regarding the suspect arrived at the home, got out of his car and saw the suspect carrying the knife, Koerner said. “The suspect then started walking toward the deputy, saying he was going to kill the deputy.’’

The deputy repeatedly told the suspect to put down the knife and the suspect refused to comply, walking toward the deputy, Koerner said.

“When the suspect was approximately 10 feet from the deputy, a deputy-involved shooting occurred,’’ he said.

The suspect was struck at least once and was taken to a hospital for treatment, Koerner said. The knife was recovered at the scene.