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New talk show ‘The Blend’ looks at mind, body and spirit


“The Blend,” is a new weekly web-based talk show which launched on Oct. 3. However, executive producer and creator LaVonda P. Rouse said “The Blend” aims to be different from other talk shows, because it will focus on the link between health and mind, body and spirit.

African Americans suffer from several chronic health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. However, Rouse says health problems are often a symptom of deeper issues caused by people ignoring these three areas (mind-body-spirit.)

“They must be aligned, because if one is off, you’re off,” said Rouse. “These things (health problems) are happening to us not just because we are not taking care of ourselves, but because of stress.”

Rouse said she got the idea for the show when she had a medical issue and wanted to use an African-American doctor. She realized that black women are often underrepresented on television when it comes to medical experts.

“I wanted to have African-American women talking to African-American women,” said Rouse.

“I created ‘The Blend’ because there is a need to bring black women to the forefront,” said Rouse. “American culture has conditioned us to receive information from everyone but black women. I believe we are conditioned with imagery so, for me to contribute to the reconditioning, I need to contribute positive imagery.”

“The Blend” features a panel of four black women, who are each experts in their own areas.

The cast is Dr. Peace Amadi, a psychology professor, Dr. Tabatha Carr, an expert in women’s health and natural medicine, Dr. Gloria A. Chance, an innovative psychologist and corporate trainer, and Jewel Diamond Taylor, an emotional wellness expert.

Upcoming guests include motivational speaker Les Brown, who will talk about coming back from adversity.