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Experience Art by Salbello Saturday at Zen Gardens

Matthew Jenkins (267474)
Matthew Jenkins

“Sans Souci,” an arts and culture experience featuring a book signing and presentation of author Matthew

Jenkins’ “Positive Possibilities: My Game Plan For Success,” will take place from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturday,

Sept. 15 at The Zen Garden, 3688 Fairland Blvd., in View Park.

The event will feature Art by Salbello. This particular artist works from the pain and difficulties

experienced from a major spinal cord injury. The work is a reflection of the care provided by physicians,

caregivers, family and friends.

“My art emulates from the places that my mind drifts to while hands are examining me or fingers are

preparing my body for invasive procedures,” the artist said. “The media that I use in my pieces are as

complex and unrestricted as my thoughts.”

Mediums have included seashell salt, a denim patch, cracked glass etc. often found along the local


“When parts of my body are paralyzed by nature, my soul moves across the ocean, sits in a cafe with a

bitter espresso, touches a stained glass lampshade, and kisses another beautiful soul,” the artist explained.

Critics have described art by Salbello as “about life” in motivating the natural restorative process within

the individual.

For more information about the art exhibit and book signing, contact Robert Jenkins at (562) 619-1937.