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Capital One refutes lawsuit


Officials with Capital One this week refuted a lawsuit launched against the financial institution by the NAACP, the League of United Latin American Citizens District 8 and a former employee alleging racial discrimination.

Filed last month in the  Southern District of Texas, the suit alleges Black and Latino customers are encouraged to use ATM cards for business transactions which may inadvertently reduce the possibility of minority customers applying for mortgages, credit and traditional banking services. Also, the suit alleges that the bank is purposely closing its full-service locations in communities of color, while keeping similar outlets open in White communities. The suit also criticizes the use of African American celebrities as spokespersons when these alleged discriminatory actions are taking place.

Here is a portion of the Capital One response to the lawsuit:

“While we regret this matter has escalated to this level, all of the charges in this suit are completely unfounded, and we will vigorously defend ourselves. We have a long-established commitment to serve all of our communities with quality financial products and services.

“Capital One has always believed that engagement with our customers and our communities is critical to understanding their needs. This includes long-standing partnerships with community groups and advocacy organizations, hosting and participating in community-oriented events, staying current and abreast of issues and local successes, and having conversations with customers and local leaders to discuss mutual priorities and issues of shared concern.

“We also take issue with other baseless allegations in the suit, most notably, we were deeply offended by the assertion that we use African American celebrities to steer our African American customers into debit products. This allegations is factually untrue, and thus both nonsensical and insulting.”