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Black Lives Matter recognized at Oscars


Following a surprise invitation to the Oscars, Black Lives Global Network unveiled a powerful new video featuring co-founder and New York Times bestselling author Patrisse Khan Cullors highlighting the work of BLM and the larger Movement for Black Lives over the last five years, and making it clear that they are here, they’ve been here and won’t stop fighting.

“I’m thrilled to be a guest of Common, representing the Black Lives Matter Global Network and a long line of activists fighting to protect Black lives,” said Patrisse Khan Cullors on March 4. Cullors is one of the organization’s co-founders. “As the conversation around gun violence and what it means to be an activist in America evolves, tonight’s performance reminds us of the long history of Black activists putting their bodies on the line — all in the name of love for Black people.”

Cullors, along with #Metoo founder Tarana Burke, writer and trans advocate Janet Mock and more, joined hip-hop artist Common and R&B singer Andra Day on stage to pay homage to their work, and for BLM, uplift the legacy of Black activism.

Common performed “Stand Up for Something” from the Thurgood Marshall biopic “Marshall.” He was nominated alongside celebrated songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote the lyrics and the music. BLM’s video includes footage from the performance.

The video also includes images from BLM chapters in cities and towns across the country, footage from impactful movement moments, and images of movement leaders like Charlene Carruthers, Mary Hooks and Raquel Willis, among many others.

“We’re grateful to build on the legacy of iconic leaders to leave a better world for the next generation. There is still so much work left to do,” Cullors added. “We are still here and we will not stop fighting until we get free.”