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Ben Baller (Celeb Jeweler): Black Chyna Tried To Charge 300K On Rob K’s Credit Card Last Week


*If you haven’t heard of Ben Baller (pictured above), he’s the celebrity jeweler who keeps folks like Nas, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Drake, Justin Bieber and more in bling.

In any event, he’s putting Blac Chyna on blast .

Baller’s straight up accusing Blac Chyna of trying to scam $300,000 worth of jewels by using Rob Kardashian’s credit card … just three days ago!

And speaking of Mr. Kardashian and Chyna, her lawyer, Lisa Bloom announced via Twitter that they’ll be seeking a restraining order against Rob K. on Monday, EURweb reports.

After telling Lisa to ‘STFU,’ Ben revealed that there’s a lot more happening between Rob & Chyna that we didn’t see, writes LoveB.Scott.

Early life

Blac Chyna was born Angela Renée White in Washington, D.C.


2010–12: Urban modeling

Along with stripping in 2010, Chyna began urban modeling.

In September 2010, Chyna posed for the cover of Dimepiece magazine.

That same month, Chyna posed in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine and Black Men’s magazine. In 2010, rapper Drake name-dropped Blac Chyna in his hit single “Miss Me“, prompting more buzz for Chyna.

In November 2010, Chyna was recruited to play the role of rapper Nicki Minaj’s stunt double in the music video for Kanye West‘s “Monster” featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj.

In August 2011, Chyna won Model of the Year at the Urban Model Awards. In November 2011, Blac Chyna was cast as the main female role for rapper Tyga‘s single “Rack City“.

The rest is history (and kinda sleazy).