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Recap: Trump Impeachment March (Downtown LA)

Hundreds gather for Trump impeachment march (243215)
Hundreds gather for Trump impeachment march
Rally-goers clash with Trump supporters at 1st and Spring St. (243219)

Despite blistering heat, hundreds of Trump opponents gathered Sunday to march the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

They chanted, “We the people take a stand, impeach Trump is our demand.”

They followed that up with, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

The march was peaceful until a surprisingly diverse swath of Trump supporters interrupted with hostile chants of their own.

“If you don’t like Trump, get the fk out of the country,” yelled one interloper.

“Take your asses back to where you came from you f*ing immigrants,” howled another.

Tensions flared, but dozens of lawmen were there to prevent escalated conflict. It was an eventful afternoon, filled with passionate language and animated behavior.