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Fireworks on sale in Palmdale


The Palmdale City Council has given the go-ahead for 47 nonprofit organizations to sell fireworks. Only nonprofits headquartered in Palmdale or have more than 50 percent of their membership residing in Palmdale (with a minimum of 20 members) are eligible to apply for one fireworks booth per organization.

The number of booths allowed is calculated at one booth per every 3,000 residents. Current population estimates allow for a maximum of 52 booths, 46 of which have been filled by qualifying group. Booths must pass inspection by the Los Angeles County Fire Department prior to the city’s Code Enforcement Division issuing any permit. “Safe and Sane” fireworks must be purchased by persons 18 years and older; proof of age may be requested at some locations.

The heatwave during the past week has resulted in Red Flag Warnings throughout Los Angeles County. Therefore, Palmdale officials stress that persons using fireworks abide by the “no fireworks zone” policies established to reduce the risk of residential and brush fires. These zones are specific areas in Palmdale along the following lines: Beginning at the intersection of Rancho Vista Boulevard and 30th Street West, areas south and west of Rancho Vista Boulevard, north to Avenue N-8; south and west of Avenue N-8 from Rancho Vista Boulevard to 55th Street West; west of 55th Street West, and south from 55th Street West to 60th Street West (Godde Hill Road).

Palmdale is the only municipality in the Antelope valley in which “Safe and Sane” fireworks may be legally sold and discharged on private property. However, any type of fireworks are strictly prohibited in the Anaverde housing community, and in all areas south of the California Aqueduct which are deemed high-risk fire areas.

An interactive map on the city’s website,, can show residents where the “no fireworks zone” locations are. Type in your address to see if you reside in any of these areas. Residents may also contact the Neighborhood Services Department at (661) 267-5181 for more details. The city of Palmdale and the county fire and sheriff’s departments urge residents to not use illegal fireworks as fines begin at $2,500.

The following list of organizations and booth locations are among the 46 authorized to sell fireworks:

— American Indian Little League, 39626 10th Street West (east side of 10th Street West, south of Applebees, west of Ashley’s Furniture);

— Antelope Valley Youth Activities Inc., 1123 W. Rancho Vista Blvd. (mall entrance at 10th Street West);

— Cornerstone Apostolic Church of Antelope Valley, 3027 W. Rancho Vista Blvd. (north side of Rancho Vista Boulevard, west of 30th Street West in Vons parking lot);

— Crush Basketball-AAU, 38118 47th St. East (north of Avenue R, east of 47th Street East in Vallarta parking lot);

— Highland High School Instrumental Music Booster Club, 2535 E. Avenue S (parking lot on north side of Avenue S, east of 25th Street East between Carls’s Jr. and Taco Bell);

— Living In Christ Faith Ministries Inc., 37950 47th St. East (southeast corner of East Avenue R and 47th Street East);

— Naturals Baseball Club, 1002 E. Avenue R (southeast corner of Avenue R and 10th Street East);

— Palmdale Chamber of Commerce, 40130 10th St. West (east side of 10th Street West, south of /Avenue O-4 in parking lot);

— Palmdale Repertory Theatre, 37140 47th St. East (south side of Avenue S, east of 47th Street East in Wal-Mart parking lot);

— St. Mary’s Catholic Church (dirt lot on north side of Pearblossom Highway, east side of 45th Street East);

— Palmdale Aerospace Academy, 39940 10th St. West (east side of 10th Street West, south of West Avenue O-8, east of Panda Express);

— Victory Outreach, 37419 25th St. East (west side of 25th Street East, north of Avenue R-12 in parking lot).