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History Channel Portrays Hannibal as Black (Whites Viewers Outraged)


Well, well, well. It appears the tables have turned. The decision makers in Hollywood have generated billions of dollars from hijacking various elements of Black and African culture and repackaging them to feature White actors in lead roles.

But in this case, the opposite has occurred.

The History Channel’s documentary series “Barbarians Rising,” recently aired its newest episode featuring the story of famed warlord Hannibal of Carthage. But here’s the twist—despite a lack of geological evidence to determine Hannibal’s racial background, he was portrayed as a Black man on the documentary.

In the aftermath, many White history buffs are crying foul over “historical inaccuracy.”

The famous Carthaginian was a thorn in the Roman’s empire’s side. He became a general at the age of 26 and managed to unite barbarian tribes to stop Rome’s imperial rise. The military genius was famous for climbing the Alps with war elephants whose sole purpose was to stomp the Roman army.

Hannibal ultimately tried to invade Rome but failed to do so.

There have been debates over the race of Hannibal throughout the centuries. And this debate still continues to this day.