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Neighborhood Watch coming near you


The city of Palmdale’s Crime Prevention staff will introduce “Sidewalk Neighborhood Watch” meetings this summer in neighborhoods throughout Palmdale.

“Sidewalk meetings are a way for us to bring Neighborhood Watch and crime prevention information into neighborhoods where formal groups are not active,” said Crime Prevention Specialist Ruth Oschmann. “We want everyone to have this information so they can work together to keep themselves and their families safe.”

Residents will be notified of a meeting on their street through fliers.  Everyone in the neighborhood is welcome to attend.  Neighborhood Watch packets, window stickers and information will be given out, and attendees will be able to discuss crime and safety issues with a Crime Prevention Specialist and Community Deputy.

“Sidewalk Neighborhood Watch” will be held Mondays through Thursdays at 7 p.m. and generally last an hour. Residents may request a sidewalk meeting in their neighborhood by calling the Crime Prevention Office at (661) 267-5170.

“If anyone would like us to come out to their neighborhood they can give us a call and let us know the area where they live,” Oschmann added. “They do not have to give us their names unless they want to.”