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‘3D Month’ planned in Palmdale


With the holiday season comes the deadliest time of the year because of impaired and/or intoxicated driving. The city of Palmdale wants to curtail such needless arrests, injuries and deaths by encouraging residents to participate in various “3D Month” activities.

“December is recognized as a National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month, and the city of Palmdale, in collaboration with 3D Month is getting the word out that participation is not only easy, but will help continue to reduce the number of alcohol and drug related fatalities,” said Rush Oschmann, Palmdale crime prevention specialist.

Palmdale officials will help spearhead a “Tie-One-On” campaign where residents can pick up a red ribbon at the Neighborhood Services Department at 38250 Sierra Hwy. Displaying the ribbon on your car antenna through Jan. 1, 2017 can help to demonstrate your interest in reducing drunk and drugged driving. These drivers are also encouraged to turn on their headlights on Dec. 16 in recognition of the “Lights for Life” campaign.

[“Lights for Life”] recognizes those who have been killed or injured by drunk drivers,” Oschmann said, adding that officers Palmdale Sheriff’s station will be out in extra numbers during the holiday season looking for drunk, drugged or otherwise impaired and distracted drivers.

“If you drive after drinking or using drugs, you will be caught, arrested and prosecuted,” Oschmann said. “Not only is this an embarrassing situation, but also expensive. The cost of our defense and potential fines can be thousands of dollars, the potential loss of your car, or worse yet, taking another person’s life.”

For more details about 3D Month activities, call the Palmdale Crime Prevention office at (661) 267-5170.