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‘Made in America’ at MOAH


The Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) is hosting an exhibit through Oct. 30 entitled “Made in America.”

The exhibit emphasizes common themes of American innovation and culture through each artists’ contemporary interpretation of the components of the American lifestyle, specifically within contemporary society. The ideas are expressed through various mediums including installation, photography, painting and mixed media. Look for themes like baseball and sports memorabilia, quilting, “sweet treats,” Native American traditions, as well as engineering and popular media. Artists Daniel Albrigo, Alex Yanes, Yon Kim and Gerald Clarke create an image of what it is like to be an individual living in contemporary America that conveys meaning to a diverse demographic.

In collaboration with Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Gallery, “Made in America” also presents New Vanguard featuring works by more than 55 artists from the New Contemporary Movement. The group exhibition will present one of the largest cross-section of artists working within the movement’s diverse vernaculars; this exhibition is reportedly unique within the context of California’s museology (the discipline of museum design). The New Vanguard is known worldwide for bringing together some of the world’s most relevant and dynamic artists.

For more details, call MOAH at (661) 723-6250