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‘Pump rage’ at local gas station


A gas station attendant in Lancaster earlier this week smashed the tail lights of a man’s truck when she believed he was taking far too long to move his vehicle, according to a woman who recorded the incident and sent the footage to KTLA News.

The altercation took place at a Valero station at Fifth Street East and East Avenue K. The video lasted a little more than one minute and recorded a man standing next to a black pickup truck at a gas pump. A woman with her back to the camera stands next to him counting loudly to 10. Then she takes an object resembling a baseball bat—in reality it was a length of PVC tubing—and begins striking the back of the truck while yelling: “Go right now. I told you to go. I told you two times.”

The man was pumping gas, cleaning his truck and reportedly texting when the worker came outside and told him to leave, according to witness Monet Dansereau. “He said he would leave when he was done,” Dansereau said. She began recording the second time the worker came out to talk to the driver. The man and worker begin to argue and the video reveals he does not appear to prevent her from damaging his vehicle. “I’m not doing anything illegal,” he said on the video. “I’m here to buy some freaking gas.” That’s when the worker smashes the left taillight, hitting the truck six times before walking away.

“I told you to move and you do not move,” she can be heard saying. “The customer is not right.”

Patrons at the station have said the woman, known as Jennifer, can sometimes be “sweet and caring,” and at other times “mean and crude.” She reportedly “dared” the man to call police, but was later arrested for felony vandalism and held on $20,000 bond. The station subsequently posted bond.