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Palmdale’s crime stats decline


Palmdale’s first quarter crime statistics are down 17.79 percent over 2015. The decrease is based on the latest statistics announced by the city as well as the Sheriff’s Department which indicate that Palmdale’s overall crime rate has reduced to 211 crimes per 10,000 population. This figure is down from the overall rate of 246 per 10,000 population last year.

Palmdale’s crime rate, which was 467.71 in 1996, continues to drop steadily. For February and March 2016, the crime rate was below 200. When this figure is compared to the first quarter of 2015, homicides were down by 50 percent, aggravated assault down 20 percent, burglary down 39 percent, robbery down 18 percent, larceny down 8 percent and grand theft auto declining by 16 percent. Areas with increases were arson (13 incidents compared to 11 the prior year quarter) and rape which has increased by 25 percent. Palmdale saw 832 crimes committed in the first quarter of 2016, down from 1,012 in the first quarter of 2015.

“The crime reduction that we have continued to experience in the city of Palmdale is a direct result of a sustained collaborative effort involving the Sheriff’s Department, city staff, community involvement, and the support of our local leadership,” said Captain Dennis Kneer of the Palmdale Sheriff’s Dept. “We will continue working as a team to make Palmdale a safer community for all.”

Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford reiterated that public safety is a top priority in the city.

“We have a long tradition of working together in our city—staff, law enforcement and our residents—through cooperative efforts, partnerships, Neighborhood and Business watch programs, and just being good neighbors,” Ledford said. “What we’re seeing today is the fruit of those efforts. I congratulate everyone and encourage this spirit of cooperation and collaboration to keep driving our crime rate down.”

Mike Miller, Palmdale Neighborhood Service director, said public safety messages along with a stronger relationship between the community and the Sheriff’s Department, are reasons why the crime rate continues to decline.

“Our Neighborhood Services team is continually working to deliver our public safety message to the community in partnership with the deputies, and we find that the residents are engaging with us in that effort,” Miller said. “Our goal is to get and keep our crime rate below the 200 threshold and we will continue to work with law enforcement, residents and business to target areas that need improvement.”

City Manager Jim Purtee added that the reduction in crime has benefited new business development.

“These kinds of results are something that makes Palmdale even more favorable to new business development,” Purtee said. We’re partnering with the community and other agencies to create a dynamic package of strong fiscal management, affordable options for businesses and families, great schools, vibrant retail options and even lower crime than before.”

For details about the Palmdale Neighborhood Services Department, call (661) 267-5181. Learn more about the latest County crime statistics by visiting LASDCrimeInfo.