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Clinton stumps at Southwest College


As the presidential campaign makes a shift westward in preparation for the upcoming California June 7 primary, Southern California and in particular South Los Angeles got a taste of the excitement surrounding Hillary Clinton. The Democrat made a number of stops this week including a Saturday appearance at Los Angeles Southwest College.

About 500 students, staff, faculty, community members and elected officials including Rep. Maxine Waters and Assemblyman Mike Gipson and even some who came from as far away as the west San Fernando Valley, stood in line beginning at 5 a.m.

The racially mixed crowd was mostly comprised of Clinton supporters but there were also Cruz backers as well. And during her speech, Clinton was forced to briefly stop several times to accommodate supporters, who shouted down protesters with chants of “Hil-a-ry.”

Clinton told the crowd there were three things they should expect from a candidate—“someone who can make a productive positive difference; someone who can keep them safe at home and abroad; and someone who could unite the country.”

Among the other issues Clinton touched on were climate change including a need to promote solar power; supporting small business, especially firms owned by minorities, women and young people. She also pushed the theme of making college affordable and particularly recognized recent efforts by the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Community College District.

In conjunction with college affordability, Clinton talked about the need for students to go to school without incurring debt.

Another key issue that the candidate touched on was the need to develop a comprehensive immigration policy.