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Palmdale couple to be arraigned for toddler’s beating


A Palmdale woman and her boyfriend are set to be arraigned next month on charges stemming from the beating of her 22-month-old son.

Rosie Lee Wilson, 20, and Brandon Jerel Williams, 24, are each charged with one count of assault on a child becoming comatose, torture and mayhem, according to Deputy District Attorney Theodore Swanson.

Wilson is also charged with one count of child abuse, while Williams also faces one count of attempted murder.

The toddler—who allegedly suffered great bodily injury at the hands of Williams between June and August—is on life support in critical condition, according to the prosecutor.

Wilson and Williams, who were arrested last week by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, remain in jail pending arraignment Sept. 9 at the Lancaster courthouse.

The two each face multiple life prison sentences if convicted of the charges, according to the District Attorney’s office.