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Keeping up with the Joneses

Todd and Temeca Jones founders of Funducate LLC. (27123)
Todd and Temeca Jones founders of Funducate LLC.

“Instruction in youth, is like engraving in stone, “instructs an ancient Moroccan proverb.

Todd and Temeca Jones sharply remind us of this axiom as they carve out their legacy in the minds of our children. In addition to four beautiful daughters, the Joneses have also conceived Funducate LLC., an innovative company developing challenging yet organically playful early education modules designed to develop literacy in children, and other educational building blocks.

The force behind the creation of Funducate was a parental desire to give their firstborn daughter educational advantages heading into school.

“We wanted to ensure that Sierra had the tools she needed to succeed before she set foot in a traditional classroom,” Temeca Jones states. “She was in school (only) a matter of days before we were contacted by her teachers asking us what we had done to so thoroughly prepare Sierra. They even began requesting our materials! While refining our teaching methods, God blessed Todd and me with a complete vision, which culminated in our Fun Bunch Book Series.”

The Cincinnati couple have also expanded into the television market, launching the Fun Bunch Playhouse TV Show, broadcast on Cincinnati Public Television Channels 4 and 24. The show is like a microcosm of the Jones’ core values, embodying their beliefs and passions in an array of skits and segments. The Fun Bunch Playhouse TV Show is also available online at

On the darkly opaque day of Sept. 11, 2001, with terrorist planes crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Todd sat at his desk, lost in thoughts, head resting on his fist like famous “The Thinker” sculpture by Auguste Rodin. “There was a stirring in my soul,” he recalls. “As my wife and I sat, tears of anger and fear streaming down both of our faces, I knew that I needed to do something to help our country in its greatest time of need.”

Refusing to be victims, they synthesized their emotions into what would become their most successful book series, “A Tribute to Heroes” and “L.I.F.E.”

With “A Tribute to Heroes,” the Joneses educate and inform children that our servicemen and women didn’t become heroes on 9/11, but that they’ve always been heroes to our country. Recognizing the need for spiritual stability after coping with national tragedy, the Joneses also launched the spiritual-assistance book series “L.I.F.E.,” an acronym for Living in Faith Everyday. Through L.I.F.E., the Joneses stress the importance of “spiritual consistency,” where faith aids in developing one’s mind, body and soul by taking a holistic approach to prayer and diet.

Signs of recognition have begun to manifest. A personal letter from first lady Michelle Obama, thanking and encouraging them to continue their charitable efforts, is certainly indicative of the solemn seeds of yesterday beginning to flourish into a fruitful future. With their minds teeming with new, creative characters and savvy strategies, it is proving to be a formidable task keeping up with the Joneses.