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Metrolink fares to increase July 1


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — An average 5 percent system-wide Metrolink fare increase will go into effect July 1 to help close a $10.2 million funding gap for the 2013-14 fiscal year caused by an increase in operating expenses, a system official said.

The Metrolink Board of Directors also approved two fare policy changes.

The weekend pass will be changed to a weekend day pass. The price will remain $10, but riders needing to buy passes for the entire weekend will effectively have their cost doubled to $20.

The directors also voted to require personal care attendants to obtain an official Metrolink identification card at a cost of $25, Jeff Lustgarten of Metrolink Public Affairs said.

Additional attendants assisting the same person will be required to obtain official identification cards for $10, Lustgarten said. The implementation date for this policy was pending.

Students were exempted from the fare changes.

The higher fares will be reflected in the July monthly passes, which will go on sale June 25.

The fare increases follow workshops held across Metrolink’s five-county service area to solicit input from the public, Lustgarten said.

More information is available on the system’s website,