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‘Beautiful’ transforms family’s ugliness

Jozanne (13375)

Generations of women in Jozanne Marie’s family have several things in common: They’re Jamaican; they’re beautiful; and they’ve had to endure brutal acts of violence at the whims of men. Jozanne’s mother is so traumatized that she faces institutionalization for life. Jozanne herself will not remain a victim.

Armed with pluck and grit, the depths of her grandmother’s love, and her own abiding Christian faith, she is determined to break the cycle of violence, victimization and despair. Along the way, she finds her own true love, discovers a way to redeem her worst tormentor, and she emerges triumphant.

“Beautiful” is a true story of courage, and victory over despair.

Jozanne Marie is an actor (“Tears of the Sun,” “Weeds,” “Deadwood”), playwright (“More Than Rubies,” “3 Days,” “The Reason He Came”), director, poet, ordained minister, and women’s advocate.

Geoffrey Rivas, a longtime member of The Latino Theater Company, which produced the play, is director.  “Beautiful,” at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, Theatre 4, 514 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, runs through June 16.