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Heigh ho! Disney World one-day price nears $100

Disneyland's Magic Castle (11641)
Disneyland’s Magic Castle

The most magical thing about the Magic Kingdom? It might be its ability to make your money disappear.

The ultimate family vacation destination just raised its one-day, single park ticket price to $95 for adults at Orlando’s Disney World. But don’t worry, at least the kids get a discount. Their park pass is now a mere $89.

California’s Disneyland also raised its prices — $92 for adults and $86 for children.

And here we were complaining that $9.49 for that famous jumbo turkey leg was a lot of cash.

The changes went into effect Sunday and represent a $6 bump from the previous adult rate of $89 a day. So for a family of four, that means a single day of Space Mountain, Main Street U.S.A. and having the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song (yo, ho!) seared in your mind now costs $368, before tax.

Of course, that tally assumes you and your kids don’t want any food. Or Mickey-shaped souvenirs. If they do, it’s not unreasonable then to think that a day at Disney may carry a true cost of around $500.

There are still multiple-day discounts and options for a Park Hopper pass allowing your band of Mouseketeers to visit several Disney theme parks at a reduced rate. For instance, the three-day, multi-park pass for a family of four costs $862. Plus, we suppose you’ll then need somewhere to stay as well.

So how do Disney’s prices stack up against the competition? Pretty well, actually. Good for them, tough on your thrill-seeking wallet. Here’s what you’ll pay this summer for a single day at some of the nation’s top theme parks.

  • EPCOT: $90 for adults, $84 for children.
  • Universal Studios Orlando: $92 for adults, $86 for children.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: $81 for adults, $73 for children.
  • Busch Gardens Tampa: $85 for adults ($75 if purchased online), $77 for children ($67 online).
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg: $80 for adults ($70 online), $70 ($60 online) for children.
  • Dollywood: $56 for adults, $44 for children.
  • Cedar Point: $55 for adults ($45 online), $30 for children if purchased online.
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain: $65 for adults ($45 online), $40 for children.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm: $60 for adults ($40 online), $31 for children ($27 online) through June 27.

Jonathan Anker | CNN