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Dodger Stadium renovations to debut tonight


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Los Angeles Dodger fans will get their first chance to see the off-season improvements to Dodger Stadium tonight when the team faces the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in an exhibition game.

The improvements include new high-definition video boards in left field and right field; a new sound system; what is described as a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network and cellular antenna system to support cellphone and Internet connectivity from mobile devices; wider concourses; expanded and renovated
restrooms; new field level entry plazas and bullpen “overlooks” to create standing room areas with a view of the game.

The new video boards feature what the team describes as the highest pixel densities in Major League Baseball. Both displays are designed in the hexagonal shape of the stadium’s original scoreboard and are each approximately 2,488 square feet. The active viewing areas will be 66 percent larger than the previous board.

Between two and four rows of seats were removed from the back of the field, loge, reserve and upper reserve levels to provide more walking space on each concourse, along with more wheelchair locations and “drink rails” for fans who leave their seats during the game to walk around the stadium.

Restrooms have been expanded on the loge, reserve and upper reserve levels, adding about 62 percent more fixtures for women and 32 percent for men.

Family restrooms have been created on all levels, while outfield restrooms will be moved to under the pavilions.

Fans will be able to socialize and watch the game from a location above the bullpens with dramatic field views in what Dodger Senior Vice President of Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith called “one of the most fun things” among the improvements.

Playground and interactive areas for children have been created in the pavilion and reserve levels, including life-size bobbleheads, oversized World Series rings and retired number displays.

The Dodgers will display many of their historical items for the first time, including MVP and Cy Young awards and Gold Gloves.

A new retail store has been built at the Top of the Park location above home plate that will be open daily on a regular basis.

Tonight’s game also marks the start of the fourth year of service of the Dodger Stadium Express bus service from Union Station to the parking lot behind left and center field. The route will include a dedicated bus lane on Sunset Boulevard where traffic congestion is expected to be the heaviest for
the first time.

Service will begin 90 minutes before games and end 45 minutes after the end of games. Service will be provided every 10 minutes before the start of the game and run approximately every 30 minutes throughout the game.

The shuttle is free to ride for people with game tickets. The fare is $1.50 for passengers without tickets.