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During the month of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day and in light of this recent celebration, this week’s Ultimate Transformation Moment is for our mothers and women in general.

Women, you must recognize that you hold the power, as the first nurturers on earth, over our children as well as in your relationships. You move from an emotional place that uplifts us, because you’re the closest thing to God on earth–the female entity, the female principle.

Our families and communities need you to really look at your health and wellness. We need you to look at yourself first and think in terms of what is best for you, because a healthy mother will raise a healthy family.

Create a design for yourself. By design, I mean, make choices that have your best interest in mind. Now, I realize that because you are the nurturers, and you take care of most of things around the home, it may feel like you are neglecting those around you, if you put yourself first.

When you make your health and wellness a priority and you make sure to get your exercise and eat properly, believe me, everyone around you will start picking up those same habits. You’ll lead by example.

I completely understand that mothers have many viable excuses about why they may not be doing the things for themselves that they should. Although, I want you to know that if you are going to be the best mother and the best woman you can possibly be, you’ve got to start making choices that are good for you first. If you can’t save you, you can’t save anyone else.

Beautiful mothers and women, let’s make this the moment that you begin to take 15 minutes to an hour a day that is all your own. If the time is for exercise, then exercise. If the time is to sit down with a cup of tea, have the tea. Whatever it is that you want, schedule the time in your day just for you and let’s see how much different you feel about your surrounding environment and those around you. Move from that place.

Make yourself a priority and watch how your life begins to change.

That’s our Ultimate Transformations Moment. Peace and be more.

Erich Nall is the owner and founder of Ultimate Transformations Training in Los Angeles, Calif. He is the author of “21 Days to Ultimate Health and Wellness.” The certified trainer, nutritionist, motivational speaker, and dedicated life coach is a regular guest and commentator on KJLH 102.3 FM’s the “Front Page” with Dominique DiPrima. As founder of Collegiate Search Youth Organization, Erich has been assisting youth in the community for more than 20 years.