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On Celebrity Apprentice Star Jones says, ‘If youre going to take the queen out ‘


If you’re watching Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC, you know by now, the sista’s are going to rule until they knock each other out of the show, and a White woman or man wins.

I believe my favorite line that I’ve heard on this show thus far came from Star Jones, when she said very bluntly, “If you’re going to take the queen out, you better kill her.” It sent chills up my spine; I laughed out loud and immediately called a friend to repeat it.

That being said, let me give you an idea of who’s standing in line to get Star Jones fired from the show: Dionne Warwick–meaner than a junkyard dog, and she’s already forced Star to back off in the premiere episode. La Toya Jackson–most people think La Toya is a softer version of her sister Janet, and she did try to shed a ‘tiny’ tear when things weren’t going smoothly. But, make no mistake La Toya is a fighter and when cornered, I believe she’ll show her true colors. NeNe Leakes–come on now, you know this sista’s got the mouth and the claws however, she’s playing it cool right now, speaking her mind but in a calm way; kind of like the calm before the storm. This takes care of the sistas.

There are four White women on the team. Oscar winning actress Marlee Matlin, who happens to be deaf, seems a formidable candidate for Star. Matlin is a role model for all those striving against the odds, and she doesn’t back down from a fight, no matter how fast her interpreter has to read her fingers. Supermodel Niki Taylor seems to be a real team player, softly speaking words of wisdom and being quietly ignored but respected. Model and Playboy Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk looks and listens a lot, and then there is Lisa Rinna.

Promos airing before the show featured NeNe Leakes saying they picked Rinna as the team leader, because they wanted to get rid of her fast. And to be honest, Rinna was a troublemaker from the start of the show. She continually dogged out Star who was the team leader of the premiere show, complaining to others how Star was running the team and the business. Only Rinna was complaining and trying to stir up mess. She wanted to prove to the world that she couldn’t be beaten by the likes of Star or the other women.

You could tell right away Rinna had issues; the woman suffered from ‘sista-lip-envy.’ Even Trump had to comment on how much better she looked with a ‘lip-reduction.’ I shudder to think what her lips looked like before.

The men want to knock Star out of the game, too. They include actor Gary Busey, baseball superstar Jose Canseco, teen idol David Cassidy (who was the first to be fired from the show), original survivor Richard Hatch (who caused Cassidy to be fired), rapper Lil Jon (he’s a very cool brother, but did tell Star he plans on winning), music icon Meat Loaf, former rock band leader Mark McGrath and country singer John Rich.

Fifteen celebrities are after the queen’s crown. With Star’s leadership, the women won the first round by making more than $100,000 selling pizza.

In the latest round the women lost. Rinna was the leader forced into it by team, who then went with Warwick’s out-of-touch idea for a children’s book about a lion who couldn’t roar, because it was shy. Star wrote the book, literally, and was responsible for its printing. The judges didn’t really care for the concept, and found it difficult to read the fine print, so the men won with their story of Lil Jon, the kid who turned into a superhero by being the best he could be. Ironically, Rinna chose Star and Dionne to be fired, and because she could not fight the strong-willed sisters, she got booted from the show.

The coming episodes are said to be filled with fire and brimstone. Tempers flair, fingers point, bodyguards are hired, lots of infighting on both teams. But will the queen be left standing? Stay tuned.

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