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My 8th founder gets active in community


“Color no longer counts in leadership; it is the people (who) hold them accountable that will rule at the end of the day. It is our responsibility to become the people that we want to serve,” said Idi-Nkruma La’Moomba.

My 8th is designed to rebuild the 8th District community through a socioeconomic model that gives power to individuals working collectively to achieve a positive outcome. The hope is that the organization will create unity locally, nationally, and internationally.

My 8th founder Idi-Nkruma La’Moomba is a community activist focused on organizing African people specifically. He believes that young people specifically will play a huge role in taking African people where we need to go.

La’Moomba also believes that having an active involvement and understanding of politics is necessary to bring power to the people. Therefore, the aim of My 8th is to teach (politics as a necessity) to work with community to create alternative ways to properly bring forth collective, constructive, and consistent change to the district.

“I feel that the 8th District is unique, because we have more resources and talents at our disposal and can connect with each other overnight, if we wanted to. This will spark a socioeconomic revolution around the world because we will set the example of how to put talent and resources to work (by) creating our own successful environment that will help all people.

“(It will do so) by keeping our people together through communication, conversation, consolidation, consistency, and completion. We will use this socioeconomic model and teach (by example) how we live, because the whole world will be watching us,” said La’Moomba.

“I believe that we need an organization that is dedicated to bringing the community back together again to eat at the table of brother and sisterhood for Africans and all mankind with the dictum ’cause no harm, do only good,’” continued La’Moomba. “No matter what your religious belief or your social preference, as long as it is in line with ‘good will have man,’ then all are welcome,” continued La’Moomba.

Among the many projects La’Moomba and his organization are involved in is planning to host a political symposium on Feb. 19 to give the council district candidates the opportunity to debate and share with the community their plans for change and improvement in the 8th District. For more information on the symposium, visit the My 8th website at

La’Moomba is also an active member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), founded by Marcus Garvey, whose mission is to restore African people around the world to their full respective place in society. He also visits schools educating youth about their history and how they are responsible for creating a brighter tomorrow.