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Thanksgiving holiday weekend statistics


LOS ANGELES, Calif.–Six people were killed on Los Angeles County streets and highways during the first 84 hours of the Thanksgiving holiday period, said the CHP.

That compares to five people who were reported killed on local roads during the same period last year.

There were 276 arrests for suspicion of drunken driving on the CHP-patrolled highways in Los Angeles County, one more than last year’s total of 275.

Statewide, the agency reported 12 traffic deaths, in comparison to 30 fatalities last year. Also statewide, there were 1,419 arrests for suspicion of drunken driving, in comparison to 1,314 last year.

The CHP patrols freeways and state highways in Los Angeles County and streets and roads in unincorporated areas. Its drunken driving total includes CHP arrests only, but the death total includes fatality reports as they are forwarded by all police agencies in the state.