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California Mid-Term elections unofficial results


United States Senator:
Barbara Boxer

United States House of Representatives
33rd Congressional District:
Karen Bass

55th Congressional District:
Laura Richardson

35th Congressional District:
Maxine Waters

Jerry Brown

Lt. Gov.:
Gavin Newsom

Attorney General:
Kamala Harris
Steve Cooley
At press time, this race was too close to call.

Insurance Commissioner:
Dave Jones

Secretary of State:
Debra Bowen

Bill Lockyer

John Chiang

State Senator 26th District:
Curren D. Price Jr.

State Assembly 47th District:
Holly J. Mitchell

State Assembly 48th District:
Mike Davis

State Assembly 51st District:
Steven Bradford

State Assembly 52nd District:
Isadore Hall

Board of Equalization #4:
Jerome Horton

Proposition 19:
No (Legalize Marijuana)

Proposition 20:
Yes (Redistricting for federal office given to citizen commission)

Proposition 21:
No ($18 annual vehicle surcharge to help parks)

Proposition 22:
Yes (Prohibits borrowing state transportation funds)

Proposition 23:
No (Suspends implementation of clean-air law)

Proposition 24:
No (Repeals legislation that would allow businesses to reduce tax liability)

Proposition 25:
Yes (Requires simple majority to pass budget)

Proposition 26:
Yes (Certain State and local fees must be approved by 2/3 vote)

Proposition 27:
No (Eliminates citizen state redistricting committee gives duties back to politicians)

Antelope Valley Election
State Assembly 36th District:
Steve Knight

Inglewood Election
Danny Tabor