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Jabre Byers battles to become a model high school student


Fifteen year old Jabre Byers went from having a bad attitude and fighting all the time to becoming a model high school student and changing her attitude for the better.

When Byers was three-years-old her mother died of cancer, and her father died in a drive-by shooting. This left her living with her grandmother, said the teen. The deaths of Jabre’s parents left her alone, despite the presence of her grandmother. She started bullying other kids, because she was angry. But then something happened that caused her to made a drastic change in her attitude and school work.

Jabre says a friend introduced her to Mama Hill, a woman who assists at-risk teens with school and other activities. The teen then started attending the after-school program and getting help with her homework.

Today, she’s been with Mama Hill’s Help Inc. for three years. The Los Angeles resident attends Locke High School and now maintains a 3.6 to 3.8 grade point average by earning good grades in her classes.

She has also became  youth vice president of God Parents Youth Organization. She became a part of the group, when she went with Mama Hill’s rotary club to speak at the God Parents Youth Organization, which helps at-risk high school students with “C” average grades improve their school performance and succeed in life. After that visit, she ended up becoming a part of the group. She has traveled to 28 states with the organization and learned about the history of slavery, unity and even visited some colleges like Spelman and Dillard.

When Byers gets older, she wants to be a hairstylist and own her own business. She is currently taking a cosmetology course at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, and after high school she is still going to attend college and get a degree in business.