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No Butts about it


INGLEWOOD, Calif.–In the Inglewood City Council meeting held Tuesday (and carried over into Wednesday) it was officially announced that mayoral candidate James T. Butts has been disqualified from the race.

Butts’ removal was the result of an investigation that determined that he was not a registered voter in the city of Inglewood by the Feb. 8 deadline.

His request for change of address was not processed until Feb. 12 making him ineligible to run for office by four days.

City Councilwoman Judy Dunlap of District 2, who finished third in the contest in June will take Butts’ place in the run-off against City Councilman Daniel K. Tabor of District 1.

The election will be held Aug. 17 at which time the new mayor will step in and fill the last two months of Roosevelt Dorn’s unexpired term.

According to the city clerk’s office, another election will be scheduled in November, open to all qualified candidates, in which voters will be asked to elect a mayor to a new four-year term.

“I am very dissapointed with the outcome but, I respect the rights of the council. I’m not interested in pushing litigation, because I don’t want to subject the city to that. I want to bring change and financial stability to the city and I look forward to November,” commented Butts.