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Hate crimes up in L.A. County


According to last week’s Hate Crime Report, issued by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, crimes motivated by hate increased in 2007 by 28 percent.

The annual report cited 763 hate crimes in 2007, of which 310 were against blacks. Gays and lesbians were the second (102) ; followed by Jews (78); Mexicans (71); Latinos (50); Caucasians (31); and Asian-Pacific (18).

Of crimes committed against blacks, Latinos were identified as suspects 71 percent of the time. When the incidents involved hate against Latinos, blacks were identified as suspects 56 percent of the time.

Hate crimes against Muslims decreased  from 11 in 2006 to 3 in 2007.

The state of California defines a hate crime as one where evidence shows “bias, hatred or prejudice based on the victim’s real or perceived race/ethnicity, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation.