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Summer entertainment heats up


Hollywood, CA — Summer entertainment; movie, television and the stage promises to be filled with action, drama, music, laughter and downright fun. Check this sizzling summer preview.
It is believed that in challenging times people often seek ways to escape their everyday perils by going to the movies, stage plays and watching television. And Hollywood is ready to grant your entertainment pleasures.

A different take on the “Star Trek” saga and a ‘gansta’ comedy kick off the summer movie going season.

“Next Day Air” stars Donald Faison, Mike Epps, Wood Harris, and Mos Def.  The story surrounds a rather trifling package delivery service.  Faison stars as Leo, a pot smokin’ lazy womanizer who makes the wrong delivery. It takes a bloody turn, and laughter turns to shock due to some of the murderous antics. You walk away believing that anyone who messes with somebody else’s ‘goods’ is a crazy, death-wishing fool. “Next Day Air” starts Friday.

“Star Trek” takes us back in the day when all of our old favorites were “sweet, young things.” My first question was who will play the beautiful Lt. Uhura? Answer, Zoe Saldana (“Center Stage,” “Pirates of the Caribbean”). Saldana will also star in the creepy flick “Skeptic” coming May 15.
“Star Trek” promises to be as adventurous, filled with special effects, and as mind-blowing as a blockbuster can be. It sure will fair well and prosper this summer. “Star Trek” starts Friday.
Tom Hanks is back, this time with “Angels & Demons.” This Ron Howard flick centers around the Vatican, and once again decoding the mysteries surrounding Christianity.

Murder, fear and doubt surrounding this biblical whodunit, which claims to foreshadow the ‘Second Coming,’ will have you holding your breath.  “Angels & Demons” in theaters May 15.

“Terminator Salvation” is the newest installment of the “Terminator” film franchise, this time it’s set in post-apocalyptic 2018 with John Connor (Bale) ready to lead the human resistance against an army of terminators. Terry Crews (“Everybody Hate’s Chris”) has a featured role as does Hip Hop sensation Common (“Street Kings,” “Wanted”) in the film opposite Christian Bale (“The Dark Knight”) lots of heavy metal in this film, be prepared to be dazzled. “Terminator Salvation” starts May 21.

Also coming in May is “Dance Flick” a hilarious spoof on the dance movie genre. Damon Wayans, Jr. stars in this funny flick along with big and small screen favorite Essence Atkins (TV’s “Half and Half”). It’s guaranteed to be outrageous with lots of laughs because it’s apparently written by the entire Wayans family. “Dance Flick” starts May 22.

What better way to see some of your favorite stars live and in action than on the stage?

The Nate Holden Performing Arts Center located on Washington Blvd. is home to the Ebony Repertory Theatre founded by Actor/Producer Wren T. Brown; veteran director Israel Hicks is the artistic director and is also the director of this guaranteed summer favorite, “Crowns.”
You’ve got to experience “Crowns” starring Vanessa Bell Calloway, Suzzanne Douglas, Paula Kelly, Ann Weldon, Sharon Catherine Blanks, Angela Wildflower Polk and the man, Clinton Derricks-Carroll. Actress Regina Taylor currently starring as Molly Blane on CBS’s “The Unit” wrote this particular adaptation which was taken from the fabulous coffee table book of the same title.

Have you ever thought of the hats that our mothers and grandmothers wear as crowns? And what about the history that surrounds this tradition and how it helped shape and define a part of Black womanhood and her essence of being? Okay, don’t let me get all deep on you, but suffice to say “Crowns” will rock your world, blow your mind and put you on a path to find the best “crown” for you. More on “Crowns” next week, but for now know that it will be a great Mother’s Day gift for that favorite woman in your life. Coming to The Nate Holden Performing Arts Center May 8.

As you can see we’ve only scratched the surface of what is yet to come. Save up your money, gather your friends and lose yourself in the laughter, music, drama and action that is sure to make this summer very special.

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