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Tyler Perry has done it again.  “Meet the Browns” is another perfect slice of life that is filled with drama, love, romance and of course, humor.  It is the first time we get to see Mr. Brown and Cora on the big screen, and they are hilarious.

In these tough economic times a ‘second chance’ at life sounds pretty good.   And that’s what this movie is all about, second chances.

The beautiful and super talented Angela Bassett (“Akeelah and the Bee”) stars opposite the very handsome Rick Fox (ABC’s “Ugly Betty”) in a story about a beleaguered mother about to let a second chance at life pass her by because she’s simply tired of being ‘sick and tired’ and can’t see past the storm clouds.

Brenda (Angela Basset) stars as a single mother raising a teenage son Michael (Lance Gross, “House of Payne”) and two young girls.  Unexpectedly laid off from her job and already strapped for cash, she seeks help from her son’s father to no avail.  As fate would have it she gets a letter from a family member she never knew regarding a father she didn’t know she had asking her to travel to Georgia for her father’s funeral and to meet the family she never knew existed.

The mean streets of Chicago seems more assuring than the uncertainty of a southern lifestyle with a family she doesn’t know.  At least she has her bi-polar friend Cheryl (Sofia Vergara), who’s got her back and ready to kick anybody’s butt for her!  Her son’s high school basketball career is about to shift into high career with professional teams eyeing him, including a trainer named Harry (Rick Fox).  Unimpressed, Brenda and Michael brush Harry off, and basketball is the last thing on her mind, but facing even harder times she and the kids catch the bus to Georgia.

They knew they were in for something different when they were met at the bus stop by Cora (Tamela Mann) and her father Mr. Brown (David Mann).  Mr. Brown is as loveable as he is sincerely stupid, but his good heart excuses all his flaws and his strange style of code.  However, his introduction is nothing when compared to meeting the entire family, and learning the family history.

Understand, there is very little humor about a single mom of three loosing her job, a man refusing to help his son, and mounting bills that go unpaid.  But the laughter abounds when a strong family environment which accepts the ‘flawed’ characteristics of each family member enter the picture.

The Brown family which includes Margaret Avery (Sarah), Jenifer Lewis (Vera) and Frankie Faison (L.B.) are part of a clan that thought all the family secrets were out.  Even Madea (Tyler Perry) makes an appearance that’s actually teasing an upcoming movie “Madea Goes to Jail.”  What they learn about their daddy, Madea and Mr. Brown has them screaming for mercy and you laughing out loud.

Bassett’s character is so used to struggling that she doesn’t recognize her blessings and even true love.  Through a series of unfortunate events, her character begins to see the light.  She plays the role so flawlessly that audience members were cheering for her when her life fell into place.

Perry borrowed some scenes from his stage play, “What You Do in the Dark” now on DVD.  His message is clear and strong, there is always hope.  And it’s okay to laugh in the time of great trouble, it generally helps ushers in hope.

“Meet the Browns” is a very heart-wrenching, heart-warming and funny movie, a bevy of emotions rolled into one…kind of like life.  Don’t miss it and “Meet the Browns” will be another great movie to add to your collection.

“Meet the Browns” in theaters Friday, March 21.

-Gail Choice is an independent writer/producer.  Visit for more information on “Meet the Browns” and other Hollywood stories.