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David Redics Eclectic Order


Los Angeles, CA —  Eclectic Order Gallery Manchester, is appropriately named as it hosts a mesmerizing collection of art forms and paintings that are beyond description and must be viewed personally to fully appreciate.

Gallery owner, David Redic, chose to showcase his unique artistic ensemble in the heart of South L.A.  “I want this to be a place for our community to come in and receive culture and be exposed to the arts.  You always start with home first” said Redic humbly.

Among the many wall paintings and 3D formations, are curious looking chairs that Redic calls “thrones.”  One of the thrones, called the “Picasso Stone Chair” is completely covered in beautifully hand-painted stones and accented with a black velvet seat cushion.  Redic says you have to sit in it to believe how comfortable it is.

His bold approach in blending items such as palm tree branches, pebbles, broken mirrors, ropes, feathers, etc., and color combinations, defies imagination, yet Redic is able to produce truly magnificent and original works of art.  “My responsibility is to create” stated Redic with excitement.

Dubbing himself as the “millennium renaissance man,” Redic incorporates life into his art. “Life can break us, but when put back together, it is a beautiful transformation.  You can catch a glimpse of yourself in my art” said the artist as he pointed to a wall hanging called “Restoration.”

“Every piece of art that I create has a story that is connected to it” said Redic who is also a songwriter and poet.  Redic uses his poetic side to take observers on a journey into his thoughts and sometimes painful life experiences.  “I have a story and I realize that the next person has one too” said Redic.

In 2002, Redic moved to Los Angeles and began to aggressively pursue his music career.

His faith is tested constantly but Redic has found strength and purpose at West Angeles COGIC.
“Having a stable church home has kept me anchored” said Redic. “I try to live up to the word resilience.”

When asked how his art originated, Redic smiled and replied “let me show you how it all began” as he hurried over to a piece he calls “The Learning Tree.” Redic tells the story of how he found a palm branch as he walked along a beach in 2004.  He said he had to take the branch home but wasn’t sure why at the time.

He revealed how he was compelled to begin painting after reading a novel on South Africa and the stories of personal triumph and the human spirit.  Soon after, Redic remembered the branch and skillfully converted it into a “Tribute to Gordon Parks,” whom Redic admires greatly.  That one piece birthed Eclectic Order and Redic never looked back.

Redic has his own experiences of inner city life.  He was born and raised in one of Chicago’s housing projects and is the oldest of 12 siblings.  He praises his parents for always showing him their love and support.  After graduating from Morehouse in Atlanta, Redic worked for an advertising firm and, for a time, a psychiatric ward, which is where Redic says he was taught compassion for others.

Redic said he wants to make a huge impact in his community and believes he can do it through his gallery. “I want to host workshops, poetry nights and I want to showcase our youth and local talent.”

Redic is encouraging the community to contact him for a visit to the gallery for a sneak peak prior to the main opening in the near future.  He can be reached at (310) 804-8636 or visit his website at  See him on YouTube as he sings “A Season of Change,” the Barack Obama Presidential theme song. Eclectic Order is located at 1514 W. Manchester Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90047.