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What happens when you place a desperate man, with an idiot friend in the lap of good well…some of them are, God fearing people?  It’s what “First Sunday,” is all about, loads of laughter.

Ice Cube has mastered his ‘bad boy’ attitude and with a look of disbelief, or a raised brow; without muttering a word he is undoubtedly one of the best straight men in Hollywood. Although not afraid to look ridiculous, he’s very generous with the actors who possess comedic skills that have you bending over and holding your stomach in a vain attempt to control your laughter. And so it is with “First Sunday,” some of the scenes in this movie are so funny you laugh out loud in spite of your attempt to contain it.

“First Sunday” features an all-star cast, including Hollywood favorites making waves on the little screen as well as the big screen. Tracy Morgan (LeeJohn) stars as the spoiled, outlandish comedic star of NBC’s “30 Rock.”  Chi McBride (Pastor Arthur Mitchell) stars as the greedy private eye in ABC’s “Pushing Daisies,” and Malinda Williams (Tianna) is formally of the now defunct Showtime Series “Soul Food.”  The film also stars such notables as Loretta Devine (“This Christmas”), and Katt Williams (“The Perfect Holiday”).

The hilarity begins when Ice Cube (Durell) and his best friend Tracy Morgan (LeeJohn) decide to rob the neighborhood church. Durell is desperate, he’s determined to keep his son with him, while his estranged wife is threatening to leave town in search of a better opportunity to live her dreams.  It’s up to him to raise $17,000.00 to keep her happy and his son in town.

Desperate people do crazy things, and after a series of mishaps involving LeeJohn that don’t pan out, the two wind up in front of a judge (Keith David) who sentences them to 5000 hours of community service.  Part of their punishment involves street cleaning which happens to be right across the street from the neighborhood church.  This is when the two concoct a plan to rob the church in an attempt to take advantage of their fundraising drive dollars.

Waiting until they believe the church is empty, the two break in, and things start to go  terribly wrong because they didn’t factor in that church members often meet in the evenings and let us not forget choir practice.

Katt Williams (Rickey) takes center stage as the choir director.  Not known for biting his tongue Rickey provides commentary and quick wit that rocks the church.  It’s up to Paster Mitchell (McBride) to keep everyone together as Durell and LeeJohn hold everyone hostage.  Pastor Mitchell’s outspoken daughter Tianna (Malinda Williams) is not so cooperative, sparks fly between her and Durell, and in an attempt to work together they uncover a diabolical plot that involves one of the deacons (Michael Beach). Ever notice in a number of movies how deacons are usually the ‘bad boys’ of the church?

It truly is side splitting humor as the bad guys attempt to control the good guys, where even a simple prayer for peace tickles the funnybone.  Both men are in for life altering experiences, and even some church members are forced to deal with their own demons.

“First Sunday” like most comedies has its down moments, but for the most part it is a funny film. Katt Williams steals the movie without even trying, sometimes his comments are so subtle, yet funny they catch you off guard.

If you’re ready to laugh and have a good time at the movies, then this is the movie for you. “First Sunday” is in theaters Friday, January 11.  It will keep a smile on your face.