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Every now and then a television series comes along that is refreshing and fulfilling, like a letter from home. And so it is with “Somebodies,” BET’s first scripted original series; it’s about as down home as you can get.
Shot entirely in Athens, Georgia “Somebodies” follows the adventures of a professional student trying to figure out what his life is all about. Surrounded by family, friends and his ex-girlfriend who is now his constant companion, Scottie is searching for answers in all the wrong places.
The best way to describe this series is that it’s, country easy. The characters are warm, funny and very familiar. There’s a certain appeal about them, maybe it’s the fact that they are not jaded by Hollywood standards, they are the real thing. And they bring a comforting side to life from the Southern point of view. The characters they portray are funny, but not outrageous and there is no laugh track.
As Scottie, the lead character ventures out to discover his path in life, we meet well-meaning relatives who give him bad advice, college roommates constantly doggin him out, after all, they are preparing to graduate and Scottie is working on year 7 as an undergraduate. Add to this mix his ex-girlfriend who is spending way too much time with him and his minister, or should I say ministers that have a very unique approach to preaching the Gospel.
When Scottie does try to branch out he takes an apartment next to what has to be the world’s worst neighbors. And to add insult to injury they have two unruly children and apparently don’t own a cell phone. From college buddies that get themselves into embarrassing situations to college counselors threatening his manhood, Scottie is determined to make his life work, if only he could figure out how.
This half-hour comedy is written, directed and stars Hadjii (Scottie), who also shares executive producing duties. Hadjii came to the attention of BET when in 2006 his then independently produced film, “Somebodies” premiered at Sundance in the Dramatic Independent Film Competition to impressive reviews from audiences and critics alike. Two years later, the television series, starring the original cast, picks up where the film ended; a group of young men caught in that awkward period between college and a “real career” -when you’re a nobody trying to be a somebody.
“Somebodies” debuts Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 10:30 p.m. with a special one-hour premiere, featuring two back-to-back half hour episodes and hosted by Rusty Cundieff (“Fear of a Black Hat,” “Chappelle’s Show”).
Tuesday night will prove to be a night of comedy because an all-new season of Comic View: One Mic Stand, hosted by Kevin Hart precedes the premiere of “Somebodies.”
Be prepared to get your laugh on.