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Works in progress


The California Legislative Black Caucus is working on a number of pieces of legislation designed to improve life for African Americans in the state. In the State of Black California Report for 2008-2009 recently released, the legislative agenda is divided according to the following categories: Criminal justice, economics, education, housing and health.
Following find a look at what is happening with legislation in each area.

Seven hearings are planned within the next month. Six are scheduled to take place May 22 in various committees.
SB 1591 Eye Witness Protection Reform, Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas
AB 2541 Re-Entry and Rehabilitation: Best Practices, Assemblywoman Karen Bass
AB 2423 Barriers to Employment for the Formerly Incarcerated, Assemblywoman Karen Bass
AB 1819 Pre-register to Vote: 16 years olds, Assemblyman Curren Price
AB 2208 (Lupus) Education and Awareness program, Assemblyman Curren Price
AB 2325 School Heritage Recognition Act, Assemblyman Curren Price

On June 17, a hearing on the following legislation will be heard:
SB 775 Lead Screening, Mark Ridley-Thomas

The following pieces of legislation have passed through committee, and will come up for a floor vote sometime during the session.
AB 2396 Civic Engagement (students receiving school credit), Assemblywoman Wilmer A. Carter
AB 2925 Substandard Building: New Owner rehab plan, Assemblyman Mike Davis
AB 873 Public Utilities: Procurement opportunities for women, minorities and disabled vets, Assemblyman Mike Davis
AB 1424 Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse, Assemblyman Mike Davis

Other legislation is currently in committee for discussions, hearings and a vote.
AB 1422 Workforce Housing Down payment Assistance, Assemblyman Mike Davis
AB 681 Local Health Department Strategic Health Assessment Planning Reports, Assemblywoman Wilmer A. Carter
AB 499 Sexually Exploited Minors Pilot Project, Assemblyman Sandre’ Swanson

Finally Black Caucus members are planning a series of townhalls, hearings and other community meetings to discuss the following subjects: Job creation for ex-offenders (Bass, Davis, Swanson); creating awareness about state contracting opportunities, (Price); green jobs in California, (Bass); career technical education, (Davis); high school drop out rate, (Davis); sub-prime housing crisis, (Ridley-Thomas); health disparities and access s, (Carter); strategies to address obesity (Dymally); and Los Angeles County hospital closures (Ridley-Thomas).