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Walking as exercise is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to get and stay in shape.
Instead of expensive exercise equipment, all a participant needs is a pair of comfortable shoes.
And walking can infuse the walker with more energy, bring on relaxation, reduce stress, help one sleep better, tone the muscles, help control the appetite and increase the number of calories the body uses.
Suggestions for walking include wearing shoes with flexible soles that will cushion the feet and absorb shock. The walker should also wear clothes that are right for the season.
Stretch before you walk. Side reaches, leg curls and pushing your body against a wall are good ways to stretch.
Think of your walk in three parts. Walk slowly for five minutes and then increase your speed the next five minutes. Finally, to cool down, walk slowly again for five minutes.
Try to walk at least three times a week. Add two to three minutes per week to the fast walk.
As with all strenuous activity, it is important to check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.