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Sports briefs


Marion Jones receives six-month sentence

Former track star Marion Jones was not shown leniency when she was given six months in prison, which is the maximum sentence, for lying to investigators that she did not use steroids, and for her involvement in a check-fraud scheme.
In October 2007, Jones confessed to using banned drugs and had her five Olympic medals revoked. U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Karas still gave her the maximum sentence, saying, “There is a very strong argument that incarceration may make others think twice and show that no one is above the legal obligation to tell the truth,” Karas said.
So it appears that Karas, who could have sentenced Jones to probation, is making an example out of Jones, who has two small children. It also appears that an example is being made out of home run king Barry Bonds, who could also end up in jail after his trial, which is scheduled for later this year.
Out of all the athletes who have been linked to steroids the two who are being made an example of by facing jail time are black.

UCLA continues to roll
UCLA’s men’s basketball team completed another sweep, this week it was of the Washington schools. The big test was supposed to be No. 4 Washington State, who entered the game undefeated. But they were dominated for most of the game by UCLA.
Center Kevin Love scored a career high 27 points while pulling down 14 rebounds. Point guard Darren Collison added 18 points.
UCLA held double-digit leads for most of the game, but Washington State hit seven three-point baskets in the final two minutes of the game, cutting UCLA’s 15-point lead down to three. But UCLA’s sharp free throw shooting in the final minutes was enough to hold Washington State off, giving UCLA an 81-74 victory.
UCLA is now ranked No. 4.

Lakers’ Bynum out for eight weeks
Just when things were going great for the Lakers, center Andrew Bynum, who has been playing like one of the best centers in the league, badly sprained his knee and will be out for at least eight weeks.
Lucky for the Lakers he will not need surgery, but this injury means that Kwame Brown will become the starter again.
Since Bynum has become the starter the Lakers have posted a 16-2 record. When Bynum hurt his knee the Lakers were riding a six-game winning streak.
This Lakers team has become one of the best in the league. At the moment they are tied for first place in the entire Western Conference. Losing Bynum for eight weeks could severely hurt the Lakers’ chances of obtaining one of the higher seeds in the playoffs.