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Zero Latency: VR to another level


Expanding virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) took the world by storm and has seen improvements over time, facilitating it to become a way of life for some. While others plan to enter space shortly, some are living out their galactic fantasies now.  VR has been around for a long time, and of course, the variations and improvements are better versions than the original design, but the foundation remained the same; the ability to change the perception of the individual and immerse them in a different world. 

The concept of VR started in 1800, but the version released a decade ago is probably the first time the world was introduced to VR tech that fits the imagination and expectation of what most people think it is. In 2014, Facebook bought the Oculus VR company, which was a significant moment for VR as it created a shift and garnered the attention of other companies including Sony, Samsung, Apple, and Google, to make their presence known in that space. After a few years, Facebook and Sony revealed their respective VR sets (Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR) in 2019, cementing the VR takeover as many Forbes deemed that year "The Year Virtual Reality Gets Real." The stand-alone headsets were the first of their kind as they were mobile platforms that didn't require an external connection. 

Now, with the explosion of the popularity of VR across the world, VR stations like Zero Latency have been created. Located at Player One VR World near Third Street Promenade at 1515 4th St, Santa Monica, Zero Latency offers players the chance to immerse themselves into a game of choice and experience it firsthand.

"We have a vast library of games, but the staff hand picks a few games to showcase and prompt to customers as those are the highest rated games,” said Luke Vu. He explained the rating process of each game. "We play all the games and rate them 1-10, and games that average a score of seven and above are the ones we recommend to customers, so they know where to start and aren't mindlessly guessing which game to try."

Zero Latency is a global brand that specializes in VR gaming. It has finally settled down in Los Angeles with its first location as they appreciate the traffic Santa Monica offers. This location is split into four rooms, with a fifth featuring VR-compatibility bikes, treadmills, and roller coaster seats.

"We created a space for people of all ages to enjoy gaming, enjoy VR, and get that full experience," Vu said. "Playing VR should be an interactive space you enjoy with friends and family. Playing VR at home is fine, but being able to play with your friends and families makes the experience worthwhile." 

To learn more about Zero Latency and to book a trip to enjoy their facility, visit Player One VR World site at