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Shestyles new donation process


A pop-up boutique store

When people donate, they rarely ask where the clothes go or if the people who need them most actually get the opportunity to receive those clothes. Whether it's dropboxes, donation centers, stores, or even organizations, the unknown exists at all levels, but one company that is extremely transparent about its organization is Shestyles. They recently held an event at KIPP Scholar Academy, providing a boutique-style experience for the residents. 

Shestyles is a 501c organization started in 2021 by sisters Brooke and Jojo Friedman. These girls came up with the idea of the organization while cleaning out their closets and going through their clothes to see which ones they wanted to give away and which they wanted to keep. During this time, the sisters questioned their parents about the process of donating clothes and where they went exactly. Their parents, also puzzled, trying to find answers as they never thought about the process of donating after dropping the clothes.  " We don't truly know," this prompted the girls to create their business concept  with both their parents providing full, hands-on support. 

"My style was different from what the average girl would wear because I play basketball, so my clothing reflected that of a comfy look, and I was worried that the girls who would possibly get them wouldn't necessarily like it because it doesn't fit their style," Brooke said as she explained her thoughts that led to Shestyles creation. " I wanted to make sure when I donated it would be clothes that people would like and feel confident in, and give them different options to choose from instead of taking what's given to them." 

Jojo was immediately on board with the idea as she was thinking the same thing while going through her clothes, and after some brainstorming with their parents, the concept of Shestyles started blossoming. " We wanted to flip the donation process upside down and change it where the experience of the recipient is prioritized and not the convenience of the donor," both girls said." We wanted to do something that let people feel like they were at a store and were shopping; giving them that experience was at the forefront of our minds when creating the organization." With the help of their parent's connection with other corporations that support non-profit organizations, it wasn't long until they were up and running.

Shestyles, while labeled a donation center, gives the recipient a completely different experience as they set up a pop-up boutique store. People can pick and try on clothes to see which they like best, and the clothes are completely free of charge. While supported by corporations, the "dirty work" is still handled by the girls, their friends, and volunteers from their school. They also receive donations from students and faculty, which helped spread the word about their philanthropic work.  The team receives, sorts, labels, and hang the clothes. Their dad, Rob, notes that he lost a majority of his garage to all the clothes they have received but is happy to see his baby girl's organization excelling and providing help to others. Their mom, Shari, is also involved as she helps coordinate event spaces and package items for their customers.