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Mother’s Day gift ideas for that special woman


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With Mother’s Day in plain sight, many are searching for the perfect gift for their mothers. Budgeting is very important and a potential hurdle that has to be overcome to purchase meaningful gifts. Additionally, it can be challenging when unsure of what to purchase. Luckily for consumers, several creative and cost-efficient gifts will make for a happy mother on a special day. 

Maelstrom travel backpack for women 

This white beige backpack is waterproof and has several useful compartments. This bag is perfect for the gym, the airport, and work. It is ideal for travel and has a detachable front case, a versatile shoe compartment, and enhanced device protection. It is airline-approved and has a luggage belt that can be attached to carry-on luggage. The bag has an anti-theft pocket and an elasticized pocket that can hold umbrellas, water bottles, and travel essentials. This bag can be purchased on Amazon for $35.89. 

“Best Mom Ever” glass cup with bamboo lid

If your mom is always on the go and seeks to stay hydrated, then this gift is perfect for her. This glass cup is designed by mocosweeties. It holds up to 16 oz. of liquid and can hold iced coffee, juice, or a cocktail. In addition to its use the back of the cup includes ingredients for unconditional love on the back of the glass. This glass can be purchased on Amazon for $24.49. 

Customized mama sweatshirt 

This cream-colored sweatshirt is the perfect way to keep your kids close to your heart. This sweatshirt can be embroidered with all of mom’s kids’ names. This sweatshirt has a timeless design, is made up of 50% cotton and 50% poly material and it is fleece lined. The sweatshirt is made to be oversized and perfect to wear year-round. This sweatshirt can be purchased on Amazon for $34.99.

Joycuff bracelets for women

This metal and silver bracelet is engraved with “Everything I am you helped me to be.” This bracelet is durable and easily bent to fit multiple wrist sizes. The bracelet is cuffed, has a shiny surface, and is smooth with a rounded surface. This bracelet is available for purchase on Amazon for $14.97. 

La Creuset stoneware vase

These vases are non-porous, non-reactive, and resistant to chips, scratches, and stains. The vases come in a variety of different colors, are non-glaze make for an easy cleanup, and don’t crack easily. These vases are available for individual purchase on Amazon beginning from $31.99 to $40.00. 

Cloud slides

 If you’re looking for support then these are the shoes for you. These slides are made of ethylene vinyl acetate and have a 1.7-4.5 centimeter sole that provides support and comfort to your feet. The rebound sole is lightweight and compression resistant providing stability and shock absorption. These slippers are good for relieving foot pain and have a snug fit. These shoes may shrink at high temperatures, and cannot be exposed to the sun for a long period of time. These shoes are available for purchase on Amazon and come in 15 different colors.

Harlem Candle Co. Josephine luxury candle 

This red candle was inspired by the bronze goddess, Josephine Baker, and the Harlem Renaissance. This is an 11 oz, red glass jar, double wick candle, made of soy, and comes with a gift box. This candle comes in a total of 14 scents. This candle is available on Amazon and costs a total of $48.00. 

Azalea bonsai tree

This azalea bonsai tree is by Brussels and is small with a height of 5 to 8 inches. The azalea bonsai blooms between May and June. The live plant can be placed on a coffee table, office desk, or kitchen and is known to bring good luck. If taken care of properly it can thrive for several years. Each bonsai comes with a care guide, it’s planted in a ceramic pot. Bonsai pots come in a variety of different colors. The azalea live bonsai tree symbolizes wealth and abundance and brings good luck and fortune. The azalea bonsai tree is available for purchase on Amazon for $22.47. 

Solar bird feeder

This solar bird feeder by SWEETFULL is designed for cardinals. This gift doubles as a bird feeder and also a solar garden lantern. The feeder is made of sturdy material, shades the sunlight, and rain rain-resistant, you can hang it directly on the patio or next to a birdhouse. There is a lock on top of the feeder to prevent water from entering the feeder and a hole on the bottom for water to drain out of. Birds can find safe shelter under the feeder during rainy weather. This feeder is available on Amazon for $17.49. 

Cris-cross chair

A true queen needs a throne or at least a comfortable chair to nestle up in! It is available in several different colors and is made of textiles and fabric. This chair has a spacious seat and allows people to sit on it in a variety of positions. The chair is filled with dense sponge and the seat cushion and backrest offer a good deal of support. It is perfect for diverse environments and it is easy to assemble. This chair can be purchased on Amazon and is $59.98. 

Borgasets small wallet

This small but beautiful wallet is made of 100% leather and is available in eighteen colors. The wallet is compact and small enough to fit into a jacket pocket and purse. The wallet is also able to hold up to eight cards, has one full-length bill section and features RFID for extra protection. This wallet is available for purchase on Amazon and is $24.99.

Checkered cosmetic bags 

These checkered cosmetic bags come in twos! Green and pink checkered bags come in one set. These two bags are 7 by 4 inches. These make-up bags store daily make-up for eyebrows, eyeliner, cream, lipstick, and perfume. This bag is portable and lightweight. This set is available on Amazon and is only $8.85. 

Travel jewelry organizer

This travel jewelry organizer is by Benevolence and plush. It is available in fourteen colors and is made of velvet. It has a mirror and a secret compartment. This box can prevent your jewelry from getting tangled up, it comes with seven slot rolls, 3 rectangular divisions, and an earring compartment. This jewelry organizer is the perfect companion for travel with it being compact and having plenty of space to hold valuables. This travel jewelry organizer is available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99. 

Coupons for mom

What could be better than allowing Mom to sit back and relax and be treated like a true queen? This coupon book offers 60 different coupons designed for moms. There are fifty pre-filled and ten fillable options available. Each coupon has a section for terms and conditions where you can write your own rules for the activity. This gift is designed to be from a husband and kids but can be from either. This book is available for purchase on Amazon and costs $13.21. 

Iridescent glassware 

These iridescent glassware wine glasses are made by CUKBLESS and are spill-proof. They come in a set of four and have a mixture of colors including purple, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and pink showing a perfect rainbow under the light. The diamond is the inspiration for the wine glasses. These glasses are ideal for all types of liquor. The glasses are dishwasher safe and available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99.