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Erika Nicole Malone scholarship fund


Graduating high school seniors in Los Angeles

Award winning producer and businesswoman, Ericka Nicole Malone is excited to announce the open submission period of the 2nd Annual Ericka Nicole Malone Scholarship Fund.  The scholarship was created to positively affect the lives of college bound minority students living in Los Angeles or in Las Vegas, Nev. The scholarship will provide financial support to future collegiates with a one-time payment of $2000.00, and can be used to assist with books, living expenses, lab fees, or tuition.  The application submission period continues through June 30.  

In addition to funds, scholarship winners will receive direct access to Ericka Nicole Malone to discuss future career plans, internship opportunities, and current scholastic goals.  

"Contributing to the success of young people is something I am passionate about.  I truly believe our youth are our future and they have the potential to change the world if given the opportunity,” said Ericka Nicole Malone. “I want young people to dream beyond what they see and hope larger than their circumstances.  I’m looking for visionaries and leaders that I can pour into and assist with the achievement of their goals through the Ericka Nicole Malone Scholarship Fund,” she continued.

Recipients of the scholarships will be outside of the box thinkers that are visionaries, exhibit leadership skills, and have strong character. The goal is to positively impact the lives of minority students and help them succeed in their pursuit of higher learning by stressing the importance of education and striving for excellence.

In addition to the scholarship program in California and Nevada, Ericka Nicole Malone is also supporting the dreams and aspirations of young creatives in her hometown of Louisville, KT.   The Ericka Nicole Malone Essay Writing Mentorship Program awards four (4) scholarships ranging from $250 to $5000 to high school seniors and current college students majoring in the arts at an accredited academic institution in Kentucky, including college, trade/vocational, or performing arts school.

Students interested in receiving an application should send an email to,, with the subject line: Ericka Nicole Malone Scholarship Application.  

Scholarship winners will be announced on Aug. 1, 2024.