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Assembly bill many help to curtail local prostitution


Especially along South Figueroa Street

As part of ongoing efforts to address human trafficking along South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto is urging state leaders to support a bill targeting child prostitution.

Feldstein Soto said Assembly Bill 2419 needs to clear a hurdle through the State Assembly Committee on Public Safety.

Assemblyman Mike Gipson (65th District) introduced the bill to expand the parameters for issuing search warrants in cases involving child prostitution to include communications that facilitate the solicitation of minors.

“Eradicating sex trafficking along the Figueroa corridor in South L.A. is a priority of mine because the activity–which can involve minors–can be violent and devastating,'' Feldstein Soto said. “AB 2419 will give our law enforcement partners a crucial tool which will make it easier to hold predators accountable while protecting children from sexual exploitation.''

She added, “I urge the public safety committee to pass this bill, and am grateful to Assemblymember Mike Gipson for his partnership and dedication to strengthening our laws, especially those that will protect minors.''

According to Feldstein Soto, the state law currently says that a search warrant may be issued when the items to be seized were used as a means to commit a felony. The solicitation of a minor for prostitution is a misdemeanor, she said, and it is not permissible grounds to issue a warrant.

She argues that AB 2410 will fix this loophole and allow for communications regarding the possible trafficking or solicitation of a minor to be listed as grounds for a search warrant.

“Search warrants are an essential tool for reducing crime and ensuring the safety of our communities, especially the ones I represent,'' Gipson said. “Adding this tool to help locate possible trafficking or solicitation of a minor will create an avenue toward combating the entire ring of human trafficking.''

The State Assembly's public safety committee is expected to hold a hearing on the bill April 2.