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Smallwood-Cuevas bill package addresses Crenshaw Corridor


To include mixed-use housing

State Sen. Lola Smallwood-Cuevas (28th District) has introduced a progressive bill package that addresses critical issues facing underserved communities across California. The senator’s proposed legislation focuses on empowering California’s workers, providing resources for vulnerable populations, and fostering revitalization and economic growth for marginalized communities.

“This bill package reflects my plan to confront historic disparities to build a more equitable and sustainable California for everyone,” Smallwood-Cuevas said. “Inclusivity is at the center of this legislative effort – demonstrating that California is a state where every person and community has the support, protections and resources needed to thrive.”

Senator Smallwood-Cuevas’ proposed legislation includes the following:

• SB 792 – EDD Building Surplus Property Bill

Would convert an unused state EDD building in the Crenshaw corridor into mixed-use housing.

• SB 828 – Prison Apprenticeship Pilot Program

Creates a value-based apprenticeship training and hiring pilot program for a women’s prison in California.

• SB 830 – Prevailing Wage for Off-Site Sheet Metal Fabrication

Pays prevailing wages to off-site sheet metal workers assigned to public works contracts.

• SB 864 – Worker Rights Training for WIOA Participants

Requires career centers to provide worker rights training in such topics as wage theft, the right to organize, and other areas where workers, particularly those from low-income communities, are most vulnerable to be taken advantage of and most dependent on these services.

• SB 1026 – CCUSD Security Personnel Training

Requires implicit bias and cultural competency training to CCUSD contracted security personnel on the school district’s K-12 campuses.

• SB 1030 – California Workplace Outreach Project in Labor Code

Requires the state to implement, establish and administer the California Workplace Outreach Project to promote awareness of and compliance with labor protections that affect California workers.

• SB 1067 – Expedited Licensure Process for Healing Arts Professionals

Would make California the first state in the nation to recognize intersectionality (e.g., discrimination based on race and gender) within anti-discrimination laws.

• SB 1089 – Grocery Stores & Pharmacies to Provide Notice Before Closures

Requires grocery stores and pharmacies to give 90-day notice about closures to surrounding communities while providing employees with unemployment services information.

• SB 1137 – Intersectionality in Anti-Discrimination Law

Clarifies that anti-discrimination claims may be brought under any combination of protected classes.

• SB 1282 –  Public Safety Smash & Grab

Mandates sentencing alternatives, such as GED completion and/or job training, in lieu of enhanced sentencing.

• SB 1340 – Local Civil Rights Enforcement

Authorizes the state’s Civil Rights Department to strategically partner with local agencies to address discrimination complaints. Also requires contractors to comply with equity hiring metrics.

• SB 1345 – Expands the Fair Chance Act for Background Checks

Requires employers to provide transparency to potential hires about their use and purpose of background checks.

• SB 1446 – Self-Checkout Ban

Creates a narrow ban on self-checkout stations in large grocery and drug retail stores.