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Spike in thefts of newer model Chevy Camaros


Thieves use key-cloning devices

Amid a noticeable spike in thefts of newer-model Chevrolet Camaros, Los Angeles police said key-cloning devices are being used in many of the heists, and a juvenile suspect was arrested in possession of such a device.

According to the LAPD, detectives in the Newton Area–which covers a large swath of South LA including the downtown area–“have noticed that key clone devices have been utilized in many newer model Camaro thefts. These devices are about the size of a cell phone and are a programming tool that picks up the signal of a key fob nearby, which the device then clones.”

Police said an unnamed juvenile suspect was arrested on Feb. 24 in possession of a key-cloning device. No additional details were released about the suspect.

Detectives urged car owners to never keep key fobs inside vehicles. They also noted that security cases can be purchased to prevent the fob signals from being stolen and cloned. Police also said wrapping the key fobs in aluminum foil or placing fobs inside a tin can have also been proven effective.

“In Newton Area, there has been a 500% increase of stolen Camaros,” police said. “In 2023, two Camaros were stolen out of Newton Area and, year-to-date, there have been 10 Camaros stolen. Citywide, there has been a 1,285% increase of stolen Camaros. In 2023, seven Camaros were stolen citywide and, year-to-date, there have been 90 Camaros stolen.”

Police have indicated that stolen Camaros are often quickly sold online or utilized in street racing or street takeovers, leading to many of them being damaged or disabled.

Anyone with information regarding additional crimes or who may have been victimized by key cloning was urged to contact the LAPD Newton Auto Detectives at (323) 846-6592. Calls during non-business hours or weekends should be directed to (877) 527-3247. Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477 or visit