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‘Poppy power’ your WiFi exclusively in Lancaster


Unique feature at city parks

The City of Lancaster has announced the launch of free WiFi services at the first few parks, marking a momentous step towards fostering connectivity and accessibility for all residents. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on Monday, February 26, at Jane Reynolds Park to celebrate the rollout of PoppyFi: Free Wifi Powered by Poppy.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, emphasizing its significance to community welfare.

"In an era where digital connectivity has become increasingly vital, it’s imperative that all residents have access to reliable internet services. This endeavor underscores our commitment to fostering inclusivity and enhancing the quality of life for everyone in Lancaster,"  Parris remarked.

The integration of free WiFi in Lancaster parks represents the efforts initiated by Parris toward bridging the digital divide amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. Introducing public WiFi to the city’s parks helps ensure equitable access to essential resources and reaffirms Lancaster’s dedication to supporting its residents’ evolving needs.

Residents and visitors can now access the internet by connecting to @PoppyFi on their smart devices at Jane Reynolds Park and Pierre Bain Park. PoppyFi will continue to be rolled out at additional city parks in the coming year. PoppyFi is already available at most city facilities, including city hall. As Lancaster embraces the importance of connectivity, the city looks forward to seeing the positive impact of PoppyFi on residents and the community.

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