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Heavy snow in mountain elevations

Yet another storm system is making its way toward the Southland this weekend, but while Los Angeles County should be spared the bulk of the rain, a healthy amount of snow is possible in higher mountain elevations.

Weather conditions were expected to remain calm in the area through Thursday, but some clouds will build and bring a chance of some light, patchy drizzle by this morning, thanks to the chilly storm system originating in the Gulf of Alaska, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

More widespread light-to-moderate rain is possible by this morning, continuing through Saturday, with some shower activity “possibly lingering into Sunday,” according to the NWS.

Overall, however, rain totals from the storm system are expected to remain relatively low, ranging from a quarter-inch to an inch, with the higher end of that total expected mainly along the Central Coast. Northern and Central California are expected to experience the brunt of the storm and Southern California receiving far lower precipitation totals.

Snow levels, however, will fall to about 5,500 feet by this evening, dipping to about 4,500 feet by Saturday night. According to the NWS, as much as 16 inches of snow could fall at elevations above 7,000 feet, with as much as 8 inches possible as low as 5,500 feet and 3 inches at 4,500 feet.

Gusty winds will also accompany the storm, particularly in the mountains, while the entire region will see noticeably cold evening temperatures.

The storm system should be gone by Sunday, although forecasters said there's a small chance of another storm reaching the area by Tuesday.