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Frontline Doulas offers valuable medical help


In support of Black birthing families

Frontline Doulas, a Black-led community organization and leading perinatal health entity, has announced the release of their Impact Report detailing key insights and best practices in support of Black birthing families.

The organization is especially proud of its Community Doula Champions Project funded by Westside Infant-Family Network (WIN) and LA County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH).

Since the spring of 2023, the Community Doula Champions Project has garnered 700 birthworker registrants for their Medi-Cal Doula Enrollment Training and has awarded $16,000 in awards to Black and BIPOC community doulas. This effort helped to raise awareness and provide education to South L.A.

The Impact Report highlighted a reduction to 0% of preterm births among families who received Frontline Doula program services, and a reduction to 7% in low infant birth weight for Black women. A 43% decrease in cesarean births was reported among those who received Frontline Doula services, along with decreased anesthesia, used during the intrapartum period.  In a 2021, HealthNet analysis Frontline Doulas found that half of their clients had a disdain for hospitals and concerns about being unheard by hospital staff. 

"I am the first person in my family to give birth at home [to my knowledge],” said mother and Frontline client “Alycia.”  “Many of the women in my family told me I wouldn’t be able to do it. I am grateful that I chose the [Frontline Doulas] birth team I did because, with their support and guidance, I did it. Having a doula like Etecia allowed me to learn new things about myself, my body, and what I am capable of.”

In order to address these concerns, Frontline Doulas offers a free nationwide doula hotline and trains and employs doulas of color  through community outreach. Last year, Frontline Doulas awarded 12 doulas through their Community Doula Champions Project with a $1,000 award each.

Formed in 2019, Frontline Doulas improves birth and postpartum outcomes in Los Angeles County and has assisted over 726 families by providing evidence-based community doula programming and mentorship. Additionally, Frontline Doulas has created income for Black/African American workers. The community-based doula program has served 218 birthing families in Los Angeles County.