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‘Why Women’ a fast growing local radio show


Featuring Dr. Renee Fraser

The “Why Women” radio show hosted by Dr. Renee Fraser, Founder and CEO of Fraser Communications, will be on air at a brand-new time weekly at 6 p.m., Mondays on KABC-AM 790 Los Angeles.

“Why Women” is a topical talk show that focuses on the challenges women face today and features women who are making a difference in their organizations, their fields, and in the world. As an entrepreneur running a successful ad agency and a noted psychologist, Dr. Fraser conducts interviews with leaders across a wide spectrum of professions and brings psychological insights to the KABC audience on the issues that interest and confront women in work and life.

In a world fueled by progress and innovation, the significance of diverse voices cannot be overstated and “Why Women” focuses on fostering dialogues with women in leadership and changemakers to shape a more inclusive and dynamic future. The show serves as a platform that not only highlights the achievements of women in leadership but also explores the challenges they’ve overcome and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

By facilitating these discussions, Dr. Fraser and her guests aspire to inspire and empower individuals—irrespective of gender—to contribute actively to the creation of a more equitable and diverse society.

“Why Women” invites the public to join in championing the importance of these conversations. Together, let’s celebrate women leaders and changemakers, and their allies, while encouraging open dialogues that foster understanding, collaboration, and progress. Some notable guests include Lisa See, best-selling author; Brenee Brown, best-selling author and professor; Gloria Allred, Attorney; and Chief Kristin Crowley, Los Angeles Fire Chief.

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